I speak with my hands. My fingers are faster and more agile than my words. They are better able to express what I cannot formulate with words.
When I begin to create, they anticipate my thoughts. However, a good deal of time will pass before those who take a look at my artwork can sense and hear the thoughts that are set into my sculptures.
My sculptures emerge and are created step by step. This comes from the method and technique that I choose. It is important to note that, in light of this choice of technique, each sculpture is created only once; it is not duplicated nor numbered. It is a truly unique piece.
I always start with the crystal, even though it should only be a fragment of the sculpture
to be. In my view, crystal, or glass paste, reflects the fragility that hides within each of us.
It represents our spiritual side, our soul. Crystal enables light to shine through it, and lets us discover its inner beauty. It is like discovering our inner world that usually is invisible to the eye.
I create pieces using transparent, white but also colored crystal. In my sculptures, color is evocative of my work as a painter. For me, blue, green, amber or pink crystals are like oil paint tubes. When I mix different colors, these interact and create an even greater surprise. When the crystal part is ready, I turn to the wax and I sculpt the part that will later be cast in bronze. Bronze, to me, evokes the physical side, the more stable aspect. It supplements the crystal part; it acts as the interpretation of what I created using glass paste. Through this dialogue between bronze and crystal, I am commenting on my own work. I am seeking to understand it.
This dialogue can sometimes last for months, even years; it is as though the crystal was awaiting its “body”. I am in no rush. I would rather wait and let time go by until the moment that I am certain to have found the perfect match of materials.
My sculptures mostly represent human beings.
This is because I want to evoke Human.